Personal Mastery in Self-Love & Awakening

6 months of Transformational Coaching and Trilotherapy with Sensei and Unlimited Love Coach, Jeri Tourand

Connect with your Soul Purpose, and step into the next chapter of your life with more clarity, confidence, and courage.

* Balance your head and your heart and awaken "center"
* Reduce your suffering and experience more inner peace and clarity than you ever imagined possible
* Uncover your programming from childhood and learn how to dismantle these belief systems and finally FREE yourself
* Awaken to the truth of who you really are and learn powerful tools to heal and transform your life and help others do the same
* Learn how to create feelings of inner peace, greater self-love and life purpose.
* Trilotherapy is a revolutionary way for experiencing an awakening!
* Strengthen YOUR CENTER. Be the leader of your MIND and EMOTIONS.

Quiet the mind ~ Open the Heart ~ Awaken to Truth

- Simple and profound lessons that will deepen awareness, awaken truth, and activate new pathways to lasting change.
- Heart opening, releasing, and awakening experiences.

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*If you are AWAKENING to a deeper sense of SELF-AWARENESS and LOVE
*If FEAR, CONFUSION, and SELF DOUBT are still running the show for you in one or more areas of your life
*If you LONG for a conscious community with the courage and tools to be the change you wish to see, and practise living in love and harmony within ourselves, with one another and with the Earth
*If you are READY and WILLING to embrace change, LISTEN deeply to your inner wisdom and CO-CREATE the next chapter of your life from an aligned place of clarity and connection

...Then this transformational coaching package is for you!


* What Suffering is and How to Get Unstuck
* Identifying and Releasing Childhood Imprints
* Healing Relationship Patterns and Opening to Love
* Life Balance & Energy Management for Greater Joy
* Connecting with your Purpose for Meaning & Fulfillment
* Awakening your Superpowers & Who You Really Are


6 sessions training with Zen Master Nissim Amon (founder of Trilotherapy and one of only about 40 Zen Masters world wide) including group coaching in a breakout session afterward,  follow up emails and homework suggestions.   (April 11th - May 16th)    

2 Private Session with Jeri - one in the first month and one in the last few months of training.    

10 group Sessions with Jeri, between May 16th and September 30th. We will choose exact dates and times once more the group comes together. Likely every second week (perhaps sticking to Sundays) with a few Q & A/ laser coaching sessions sprinkled in as needed!    

A 2 Day ZEN RETREAT - Either in person, or we may need to go with a Virtual Retreat.    

Handouts, lesson summaries, follow up emails and suggested reading, viewing, listening, and writing homework.    

At least 3 Q & A Sessions Live in the Private Facebook group.    

Recordings of Nissim's Zen Meditations      

2 of Zen Master Nissim's books in e-book format    

and MORE...    

Guest presenters for a few of the experiential components (such as breathwork).    

Access to Jeri through email, Private FB group and text for the duration of the program. 


The Investment is $497 CAD per month for 5 months (the 6th month is FREE) for a total of $2,485.00
(Regular price is $3,000 - which is what I will charge for the next round)
    You can choose to make 5 payments of $497 or to pay in full.    

*If you choose to pay the full amount, you will receive a bonus - a free 111® Activation with a Universal Sphere (value $111.00)

  • Payment Plan
  • 5 payments of

    $497 CAD

    per month

    5 monthly payments of $497.00

    Payment Plan
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    Payment in full

    $2485 CAD


    includes Bonus

    Pay Now
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    $2485 payment via cheque or e-transfer.

    Pay Later


Starts April 11th (first group experience with Zen Master, Nissim Amon) at 10:30 am to 12:30 am MST and runs for 6 months - until the end of September, 2021.

Tai-Monique Kristjansen

Jeri is a warm, radiant, beautiful loving facilitator with brilliant wisdom, awareness and expertise. These teachings and philosophies are the wisdom to our truth that as a society we have suffered tremendously from the conditioning of our ancestors solely and collectively. Trilotherapy gives you the tools to break free from self limiting concepts so that you can live in a continuous space of unconditional love, fulfilment and personal empowerment and align to your true Divine purpose. I highly recommend to invest in yourself and rediscover who you truly are and what you were born to be. Thank you Jeri for introducing this path of light into my life.

Frequently Asked Questions

All courses offered by Jeri Tourand - Living from Heart Center come with a 30-day money back guarantee! If you are not 100% completely satisfied with your purchase, just email Jeri and your purchase price will be refunded in the manner in which you paid (Paypal, credit card, e-transfer) within 5 business days (usually sooner). All we ask is for honest feedback as to how the course did not meet your expectations.

NOTE: THIS course includes 6 sessions with Zen Master Nissim Amon (founder of Trilotherapy), and that portion of the course fee is NOT refundable once the course has started.  Your refund will be the amount paid minus $497.

Jeri Tourand

Jeri Tourand, B Ed., is an Unlimited Love Coach, specializing in self-love, forgiveness and relationship coaching. She is a former school teacher & radio host, published author, speaker, mother of three, and Certified Zen Trilotherapy Practitioner (Blend of Western Psychology and Eastern Wisdom, trained by Zen Master, Nissim Amon). 

Jeri's business is “Living from Heart Center.” Her mission is to assist people in awakening to deep truth and remembrance of the Divine Love that they are, inspiring them to live life to the fullest, and courageously express their highest potential and truest nature.