What would your life be like if you LOVED YOURSELF

In this incredible journey of self-love you will be gifted the transformational tools and led through profound experiences to...

HEAL the Past ~ OPEN the Present ~ CREATE the Future


Are you ready to end the inner turmoil and finally love yourself?

Life need not be a battle to fight or win. Life does not have to be exhausting or filled with suffering. Once we end the inner conflict, life becomes a playground of opportunities, choices and fun. This transformational work enables a person to completely shift their perspective of challenging situations and come to a place of seeing life and people from the perspective of beauty, truth, and love, allowing themselves to enjoy all that life has to offer, and honing a deep inner knowing and trust, that everything truly is alright, every moment.

Quiet your Mind

Multiple lessons that cut through the confusion for deep and profound understanding, self-compassion and life changing realization.

Open your Heart

 Experiences and exercises that open the heart to heal, forgive and create feelings of inner peace, greater self-love and life purpose. 

Awaken your Center

Meditation and tools for. transformation; awakening truth, deepening your spiritual connection and evolving your soul toward unlimited love and freedom.

What if you could...

Let go of suffering and find inner peace and true happiness

Come to a place of profound self awareness and clarity about who you really are and why you behave the way you do

Learn the tools to heal and forgive the past, open to the gifts of the present and co-create the future of your dreams

Shift your perspective to connect with a deep inner knowing that you are loved, held, and guided
Be the eye of the storm with access to inner peace, no matter what is going on around you

I'm Jeri Tourand

Hello! I'm an Unlimited Love Coach, Author, Speaker, Mother of 3, and Zen Trilotherapy Practitioner and Trainer. My business is Living from Heart Center. I strive to BE the change I wish to see, in order to up-level consciousness to a more heart centered reality. My mission is to assist people in awakening to deep truth and remembrance of the Divine Love that they are, inspiring them to live life to the fullest, and courageously express their highest potential and truest nature.

I have gained massive clarity over the years and moved through huge obstacles to become who I am today; assisting to awaken others with the truths that have transformed me. I do believe we can find our purpose in our pain. I did! As a result of my mental, physical and emotional breakdown/breakthrough in 2009, I learned that the keys to healing for me, were self-love and forgiveness. I developed a self-love ritual that resulted in finding inner peace and miraculous healing. My commitment to healing and loving myself, revealed the path to a meaningful and purpose filled life.

I learned how to follow my heart and speak, think and act through love in order to overcome obstacles and self-sabotage. I have studied with many masters, and had the privilege of training with Zen Master, Nissim Amon developer of Trilotherapy (a blend of western psychology and Zen Buddhist philosophy) which completely changed my life and further clarified my purpose! I love coaching people to work through their fears, open their hearts, bring clarity and awareness to their lives, and assist them in creating the life they dream about. Through life changing teachings and awakening experiences, my clients often have a true spiritual awakening and gain the tools they need to live a happy and fulfilling life. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. Let's dive in together and come to a place of inner peace and true happiness, thus leading the change for a better future for ourselves and our children…one of unity, peace and love. The time…is NOW!


Personal Mastery
in Self Love and Awakening


Trilotherapy can help anyone wishing to alleviate suffering, gain clarity about their lives and awaken to the possibilities, purpose, and passion that is available. It is guaranteed to deepen all your relationships, particularly the one with yourself.

All source of suffering derives from an inner split between our head and heart. We either see ourselves as rational and logical, or emotional and empathetic, but rarely both. Zen Trilotherapy is a therapeutic method developed by Zen Buddhist Master, Nissim Amon that teaches a practice of deep communication between the head, heart, the two inner children who often do not get along. Using Zen Buddhist training methods and Western Psychology techniques, the original self, the inner parent, is brought in to mediate the conversation between the mind and emotions and gradually restores us to wholeness. Trilotherapy teaches to seek solutions within us, rather than from outside ourselves. It serves as the catalyst in the process of healing old traumas. Those who commit to understanding their own psychological make up with the guidance of the Trilotherapist benefit from rapid and long-lasting results.    

Here's what you'll get:

  • 12 Group Sessions (2.5 hours each) - Each session includes a lesson for the head, a heart opening exercise and a centering meditation
  •  Each simple and profound lesson will deepen awareness, awaken truth, and activate new pathways to lasting change. 
  • Heart opening, releasing, and awakening experiences to help you thrive in your life and relationships
  • Tools to make peace with yourself, love yourself, trust yourself and embrace life freely and fully
  • 3 Group Q&A Sessions to integrate the lessons
  • 2 Private Coaching Sessions with Head Facilitator, Jeri Tourand
  • 12 One on One accountability sessions with a Trained Coach
  • A Full 2 Day Virtual Zen Retreat
  • Access to the recording of each session
  • A follow up email after each session including copies of all the lessons taught, homework to integrate the lesson, and suggested journaling, viewing, reading and listening to deepen the experience
  • Full access to all the Masterclasses, Ho'oponopono sessions and everything on the membership site for the duration of your course. 
  • An incredible group of like minded souls on an awakening journey like yourself 
  • INCREDIBLE BONUSES, including ebooks, Zen meditations, bonus courses
  • Path to Wellness - 6 week masterclass with Zen Master, Nissim Amon (do at your own pace) 
  • A private online community where you can get to know one another, share insights, homework, get feedback, ask questions and stay connected 
  • And SO MUCH MORE....

Inside The Course

The End of Suffering

Understand why pain is inevitable and suffering is optional. Discover the cause of all your suffering, identify the areas of your life that are problematic, and learn the tools and exercises to help you get unstuck. Reconnect with the ever-present space of inner peace and true happiness. 

Release Childhood Imprints

Our childhood imprints determine our reality and keep us stuck and confused in many areas of our lives. Awareness of these karmic imprints is key in bringing about change. Through self-love and forgiveness practises, we will dismantle beliefs systems and heal the past, making way for greater joy, deeper love and authentic expression. 

Heal Relationships

After releasing trauma and healing karma we will write new relationship contracts. Uncover patterns and wounds that create fear and disconnection and call in aligned relationships through which we can fully express our true Selves. Free yourself and open to unlimited love.

 Energy Management &
Life Balance

Knowing and accepting  your energy ratios can help you understand your natural tendencies and those of your loves ones. This  will save you a lot of effort and suffering and help you identify ways to achieve greater balance, passion and energy flow. 

Find Your True Purpose

Discover your gifts and identify what it means to live a purposeful, soul led life, utilizing your gifts! You will learn tools and do exercises to connect with your purpose for a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

Awaken Loving Presence

We will do the work and learn the mindfulness practises to awaken your superpowers and who you reallly are, so that we can operate from a whole new space of thriving in love instead of surviving, in fear. 

You will also get these Incredible Bonuses: 

Path to Wellness:
6 Week Masterclass Series
with Zen Master Nissim Amon 

Access Zen Master Nissim Amon's entire 6 week Course, complete with a lesson and a meditation each week.  

Love Yourself through Transitional Times:
5 Day Video Training
with Jeri Tourand

5 TOOLS to transform your life and bring inner peace and clarity to any challenge!

Eastern Wisdom
The Treasure Box
by Zen Master Nissim Amon

PDF Version of Zen Master Nissim Amon's lastest book filled with Zen stories, poetry and insightful essays to assist in your awakening journey. 

The Ultimate Life Design Workbook
by Jeri Tourand

Set yourself up for success with exercises and deep questions to help you get clear on your deepest desires and the steps you need to follow to take action on creating an incredible next chapter of your life!

Self-Love Workbook
by Jeri Tourand

Affirmations and worksheets for a healthy and happy mind, body and spirit.

Experience Unlimited Love through the Power of Forgiveness:
3 Day Forgiveness Challenge
with Jeri Tourand

5 simple steps to release the past, open the present and create the future you dream about!

This transformational journey is absolutely for you if...

  • Your are ready to uncover and dismantle the childhood programs that have been preventing you from living your authentic life. 
  • If fear, self-doubt or confusion is still running the show in one or more areas of you life.
  • You feel stuck replaying the same patterns and issues over and over. 
  • You wish to set yourself free from self-sabotage.
  • you are AWAKENING to a deeper sense of SELF-AWARENESS and LOVE.
  • You are sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to shift from survival mode to thriving.
  • You long to create balance between your mind and heart and re-unite with your true, authentic self.
  • you are READY and WILLING to embrace change, LISTEN deeply to your inner wisdom and CO-CREATE the next chapter of your life from an aligned place of clarity and connection
  • You are excited to adopt powerful tools to continue transforming your life.
  • You want to learn to accept your emotions as powerful messengers that lead you to your inner truth and life purpose.   
  • You would enjoy an immersive experience of spiritual empowerment practises, meditation and connection.
  • You long for a conscious community with the courage and tools to BE the change they wish to see. 

This may not be for
you if...

  • You are not ready to embrace change and question your thoughts and beliefs.
  • You are not willing to feel uncomfortable and experience growing pains.
  • You are not ready to accept responsibility, and instead you prefer to continue to argue for your limitations, make excuses, and continually look for who is to blame for your circumstances and hard luck.
  • Vulnerability and deep work feel unsafe and you’re not ready to go there.
  • You have never done any personal development work, or hired a therapist or coach before and this language is totally new to you and really doesn't resonate.
  • You value certainty over uncertainty and thus are fearful of exploring new territory.
  • You are satisfied with letting fear keep you playing small.
  • You are unable or unwilling to invest the time and money into yourself and your personal transformation. 

If you continue to think like you've always thought, 
you'll continue to get what you've always got...

Is it enough?

 "Jeri is a warm, radiant, beautiful loving facilitator with brilliant wisdom, awareness and expertise. These teachings and philosophies are the wisdom to our truth that as a society we have suffered tremendously from the conditioning of our ancestors solely and collectively. Trilotherapy gives you the tools to break free from self limiting concepts so that you can live in a continuous space of unconditional love, fulfillment and personal empowerment and align to your true Divine purpose. I highly recommend to invest in yourself and rediscover who you truly are and what you were born to be. Thank you Jeri for introducing this path of light into my life.  In Gratitude."

Tai-Monique Kristjansen
Trilotherapy Graduate

 Client Testimonials 

   "Jeri’s guidance is so safe and so gentle; you will only feel supported and not judged. It has opened so many doors that I had never seen before and I held the key the whole time. You will not be able to lie to yourself any more. You will start to make healthy choices that have you in the best interest. True love and happiness is inside each and every one of us and when we are ready to face life and confront the little negatives that keep us from truly loving ourselves, we see those negative monsters for what they really are: “nothing", "preconceived lies". They are our fears, our thoughts, and we have the power to stop living a lie and start living life, all in.There is no going back. All I had to do was breathe and believe. The truth will set you free. You’re worth it. God I am so worth it. Thank you Jeri and all of who who have held me on my journey." 

Trilotherapy Graduate

"My first meeting with Jeri was an instant connection. I really connected with her story and what she had been through as I am on a similar healing journey myself. Her story really touched my heart at a deep soul level and I knew I was in the right place at the right time. Jeri’s heart and passion for what she does shines through in every session. Her ability to hold space made me feel so heard and listened to, which I can’t say thank you enough for. I felt so acknowledged and appreciated by Jeri and the wonderfully supportive group that really helped me open up, trust and be vulnerable. I learned such invaluable skills all while being guided to get to know myself better and feel more aligned than ever! Jeri has helped me to make big strides in my personal journey and her encouragement to push forward and dive deeper have been key. I would definitely recommend Jeri to anyone looking for a deeper spiritual dive, to practice self love and forgiveness, and to connect to your true inner self. It only takes one yes and a willingness to grow and learn and I am so glad that I did! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. So much love and gratitude." 

Level 1 Trilotherapy 

“I met Jeri during a difficult time in my life, some would say it was Divine Timing. She was in the process of starting up a Trilotherapy group and I was in the process of checking out. Today, 5 years later and with a Trilotherapy diploma of my own, I am still full of gratitude. I am grateful for the people I met, who I now call friends. I am grateful for the stories we shared that helped each of us realize we were not alone. I am grateful the Universe brought us all together. I am grateful for the tears, the laughter and the growth. But more importantly, I am grateful for Jeri and her selflessness, for her dedication and nurturing. For her innate abilities to hold space and guide the lost out of the dark and into the light. I am forever grateful for where I am today, for had it not been for Jeri and Trilotherapy, there’s a good chance that I may not even be here. I strongly encourage anyone who feels that they just don’t have anything left, that they’ve given all they can or that have lost all hope, to book a Trilotherapy session. The journey isn’t always easy, but I promise you it’s worth it. Thank you Jeri."

Trilotherapy Graduate

Free Yourself to BE Yourself...
Live a Life filled with Meaning and Connection
The World Needs Your Light!

12 Group Training Sessions- STARTING Mid Feb. (Value $3,300)
2 Private Coaching Sessions with Jeri (Value $900)
Biweekly One on One Accountability Calls with Trained Coaches (Value $1800)
6 Group Q & A Sessions (Value $1200)
Exclusive Online Community (Value $199)
2 Full Day Virtual Zen Retreat (Value $697)
Zen Master Nissim's 6 week Course (Value $497)
Zen Meditations & Eastern Wisdom PDF by Zen Master Nissim (Value $199)
Copies of all lessons, readings, journaling prompts, exercises and homework (Value $5997)
Bonuses (Value $597)

TOTAL VALUE   $15,386


One-time payment


You save $164 when you pay in full

  • Access to courses 
  • Bonuses
  • Email support
  • Other inclusions

Payment Plan


Six installments

  • Access to courses 
  • Bonuses
  • Email support
  • Other inclusions

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

YOU are the ONE you've been waiting for!

"Looking back to that dark time in my life, I cannot thank Jeri enough or give enough praise to the work she does. In 4 short, long but short, months I have made incredible progress. More than I made in all my previous 20 some years of therapies combined.  I have had more earth shattering breakthroughs, more deep healing…more understanding of who I am than ever before.  I have stopped using drugs and alcohol, stopped gambling…stopped hating myself. And for the first time in my life I am feeling the unfamiliar, delicious, beautiful sensation of loving myself…  
Thank you Jeri, you have saved my life. "


"Excellent, Excellent.
"If you’re someone seeking to find the missing pieces of your life that are holding you back from enjoying your best life. Join in on Zen Trilotherapy hosted by Jeri Tourand. You will be forever grateful and thankful!"


"Jeri is an amazing facilitator and a beautiful soul. She is so passionate and knowledgeable, She is so great at guiding all of us to find our true selves, our best selves. If you are stuck in your life or want a better relationship with yourself and others or want to take a giant step towards freeing yourself, I highly recommend the next Trilo retreat or better yet sign up for Trilotherapy training. The settings were beautiful, food was delicious, and the training was enlightening; worth every penny.”



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